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General Questions

No. Treat this tracking system as a way to monitor your assets; not to watch them 24/7 Alerts and notifications will be sent out when movement irregularities are detected. These may come in the form of over-speeding or going beyond their defined boundaries; the configuration for which may be done during the set-up of your device.

TRACK makes use of global positioning system (GPS) to ensure the accuracy of each transmitted information. This information is then transmitted to the online portal which users/administrators may concurrently view. It should be noted that the reliability of such live feature depends on strength of the signal around TRACK.

Users/administrators no longer have to make tiresome and time consuming phone calls to locate their vehicles,personnel or loved ones. TRACK’s online portal gives a one-stop access to view the location of all TRACK blackbox holders as efficiently as possible. As a result users are given the ability to suggest less-traffic routes, to guarantee the completion of each task, and to ensure the safety of the blackbox holders.

In line with this, better and more efficient decisions may be made in times of unforeseen yet critical tasks. Who may take on the task, how will the task be completed and will the task be completed The answer to those questions may be deduced after proper analysis of the information presented in TRACK’s online portal.

With TRACK, you will know where your resources and loved ones are; anytime, anywhere. These ranges from vehicles (both land and sea) to people. Of course, some conditions to fulfil for the tracking system to be successful are: (1) battery (2) cellular signal (3) cellular data. With these, you are sure to find whatever it is you are looking for; so long as they have with them the TRACK blackbox.

Unlike other GPS tracking systems, TRACK comes with a portable device, called a blackbox. A tangible object that people can grab, carry in their bags or leave in their cars. Apart from this, TRACK also comes with built in magnets designed for space-saving and clutter-free areas

With this, users do not need to worry about software compatibility and tracking system failures. Carry TRACK blackbox like your phone or powerbank.

TRACK is a web-based tracking solution. It is designed to monitor and find (1) employees, (2) business resources and even (3) your loved ones. It is equipped with the best global positioning system (GPS) that provides revolutionary mapping systems to fully optimise GPS visualisation. From there, users/administrators may monitor their team from a bigger picture for better, quicker and more efficient decisions. In the same way that consumers may determine the safety of their loved ones.

Money Back Guarantee

With TRACK, companies are sure to see changes in certain areas. First, better asset management with more efficient use of the company’s resources. Second, there will be more delivery completions with improved logistical support. Third, increased cost efficiency with more order fulfillments and the less use of last-mile logistics. Lastly, improved customer service by keeping clients informed.

Money-back guaranteed in a week’s time. A small investment to have almost full control of your delivery team. Remember, the loss of assets or delivery load is incomparable to the price of TRACK. User may start tracking their team as soon as a subscription has been made.

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