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better asset management with the efficient use of resources

Track Asset Management

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Better allocation of resources for unforeseen yet critical tasks


Coordinate assets to avoid backload of deliveries


Evaluate performance of drivers


Monitor employee movements or route taken to accomplish given task


Observe vehicle route to protect goods from theft


Acts as a safety net for drivers, delivery personnel, and goods

time management

Improved deliveries with better logistical support

Avoid traffic congestion and take the shortest route possible​

Track Time Management

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Improved and more accurate estimate of delivery time

cost efficiency

Improve cost efficiency with more order fulfillments and the less use of last mile logistics

Track Cost efficiency

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Promotes effective use of company assets to prevent unnecessary expense during business operations. Thus, achieving maximum utility for each asset

improved customer satisfaction

Improve customer service by keeping clients informed

Ability to inform client of their parcel's exact location and estimated time of arrival

Track customer service

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