better asset management with the efficient use of resources

Track Asset Management

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Have any sudden, last minute tasks? Allocate them to the nearest vehicle to maximize the use of your fleet


With real time tracking, logistics can efficiently coordinate delivery concerns with staff and clients


Generate over 10 different reports - driver performance, route taken with time stamps


Monitor vehicle or asset movements real time with accurate location mapping


TRACK - a small device that can be hidden inside the vehicle. Useful for when vehicle has been stolen


Get SMS updates for safety events like overspeeding and scheduled maintenance

time management

Avoid traffic congestion; plan the shortest route possible

Track Time Management

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View real time road traffic conditions to advise vehicles of more optimal routes

cost efficiency

Track Cost efficiency

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Increase efficiency for each asset

Increase order fulfillment
Lessen unnecessary expenses from the logistics side of the business operations

improved customer satisfaction

Inform clients of their delivery's exact location and estimated time of arrival

Track customer service

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