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Sim card slot

Track Feature sim

To activate TRACK, insert a SIM card with data connection.
Enables connection to GSM and GPRS technologies for accurate data collection

Receive real time SMS for specified trigger alerts (i.e overspeeding)

This light determines whether your TRACK blackbox is connected to a cellular tower

Once SIM card is inserted, the light for this icon will start to flicker; an indication for the search of GSM connection


Track Feature gprs signal


Track Feature power

Power indicator stays lit when the SIM card is inserted. In sleep mode, light indicator will disappear

Track can last up to 5 days without recharging, making it convenient for long distance travel

Check the device's battery level through the online portal

Active connection to GPS satellites enables real-time tracking of device

Admin can define boundaries for drivers and assets. A notification will be received if said entity leaves the specified area



Port is designed for micro-USB cables for charging TRACK